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Topic: Perfect times to get the Duomo Milan Tour, Rome

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Perfect times to get the Duomo Milan Tour, Rome

The Duomo Milan Tour, which is Italian for "Cathedral," is unquestionably Milan's most famous and prominent landmark. It's probably the first thing you will go see, like everyone else, whether you come here to visit or for your Erasmus. Despite how lovely it is to view, the piazza in front of it occasionally becomes quite congested and is generally inconvenient. We will thus advise you on the best time to visit the Duomo Milan Tour to beat the crowds in this post. Of course, there is no assurance that the piazza will be empty even if you visit at night if you are just in town for a few days in August.

Early Morning

There are two reasons why this time of day is excellent:

- The first is that there are often fewer individuals present in the morning, or at the very least, less than in the afternoon.

- if there are no clouds in the sky, you can enjoy a pretty spectacular view when the sun rises from behind the Duomo.

We would advise seeing the Duomo Milan Tour in the morning if you're just in Milan for a short while. In addition to the practically empty plaza, there won't be as long of a line to buy tickets to enter and use the terraces.

The image below was taken this morning at about nine o'clock. Although the plaza was not completely deserted, Tourists have undoubtedly witnessed worse. More pigeons than people were around this morning (which is not so much better).

Night Time

The time of day when there are the fewest people is undoubtedly at night. If you're courageous enough to withstand the cold in the winter, the piazza usually becomes deserted by 11 p.m., making you feel like you're the only person in the entire city. People spend more time outside during the summer because of the pleasant weather. One smart move is to visit the piazza before returning home if you go out to party at a club or anywhere else. There won't be anyone there for sure between 2 am and 6 am. It's also really pleasant to view the Duomo lit up and the Galleria right next to it, which is fantastic.

During Sunset

Contrary to everything we have mentioned up to this point, seeing the sunset from the Duomo terraces is breathtaking. If you are on top of Duomo Milan Tours as the sun sets, you will witness the sunset over the city and get a beautiful perspective of it. Because the opening hours have to correspond with sunset time, we believe this would be more of an activity to accomplish in the fall, winter, or spring. To avoid a lengthy wait, try to schedule it on a weekday if you can!


We know there are times when you just have to avoid going to the Duomo as much as you can since we don't like being around crowds. Weekends, especially Saturday and Sunday afternoons, are like this. The worst time is then because there are so many people and pigeons flying around that it seems chaotic to me. This is true throughout the year, but it is undoubtedly worse in the summer when everyone is outside taking advantage of the nice weather.

Also, since the piazza del Duomo is in the heart of Milan, you might want to check whether any protests are going on when you visit.



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