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Topic: Free telephone child counseling

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Free telephone child counseling

Free telephone child counseling

Free telephone counseling for children: free telephone counseling for children. Sometimes children are very stubborn and do not listen to our requests and only listen to us when we raise our voices.


To solve the above problems, we must take the following points seriously:

You have to say something that really means it and then people will take it seriously.


Choose your words carefully and then tell your children honestly and firmly. When you start talking,


Your baby will quickly learn to listen to you. Please note the following:


Let him look at your face, not at the carpet, walls, etc. Don't let him bow


Speak calmly but firmly: Try to speak seriously but calmly and firmly to him, he will understand that you are serious about you but instead of shouting at him, try to pause to let your words be heard.


Why do children want to know...?


What should I do with my active child?

Avoid questions: Since you want to agree with him on this, if you think you want his opinion, the answer to this is probably no.


Talk to him simply and clearly: avoid using words that might confuse him. The simpler the presentation, the more satisfying the result.


Share your feelings from time to time: This should be done soon. If this happens every day, your child will be spoiled, which you don't want.


In some cases, when children don't want to, they get angry and withdraw, because they realize that they are not talking to them, but to themselves. They are persistent from time to time.


Make your relationship and the relationship between parents and children sincere, so that in the future, children will talk to you in case of problems and ask your opinion when talking to others at night. . . . Try not to compare him with others, because comparison can hurt your child, encourage hatred and lead to problems in the future.


Child counseling over the phone Sometimes there is no other option and it is better to tell a qualified counselor.


If your child needs to consult a pediatrician, the following symptoms may appear:


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